10 Common Sexual Fetishes, Explained


Are you plagued by impure thoughts? Kinky fantasies? Cravings for flavors other than vanilla? You might even suspect you have a - GASP - fetish! Before you clutch your pearls in horror, just keep in mind that a fetish can be virtually ANYTHING that ignites sexual feelings in a person. And guess what? That secret kink you never talk about is probably more common than you think, since a recent survey shows that over 36% of adults have one! No matter what you're into, feel free to explore it as long as it's safe and consensual. And if you're looking for new kinks here are 10 common fetishes you may want to explore.

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NO HOLES BARRED! We humans love pushing ourselves to our physical limits, as evidenced by the popularity of Crossfit and extreme insertions. No longer relegated to the dark corners of the internet, extreme kinks like Fisting, Big Toys, and Gaping are now a BIG deal in plenty of American bedrooms.

Extreme Insertions cater to both men and women and may involve insertion in the mouth, pussy, or butt. This is also a higher-risk type of play that requires careful preparation, communication, and enough lube to need a foot pump.
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Paging Leg Lovers: A nylon fetish—yes, as in stockings and those tacky beige pantyhose your Mom used to pull out of an egg-shaped container - is actually a thing. With a variety of inexpensive styles and colors to choose from, this is an easy kink to indulge in.

Some people have a fetish for wearing nylons on their own bodies, while others prefer to see someone else in a sexy pair. Best of all, nylons are easy to combine with other fetishes or kinks, like Goddess Worship, Foot Play, Forced Feminization, or even use as restraints.
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You may think that roleplaying isn't for you, but if you've ever called someone "Baby" or "Daddy" in bed, guess what? YOU'VE ENGAGED IN ROLEPLAY. Roleplaying is a common kink that involves acting out various sex scenarios with your partner while one or both of you are in character.  

This can be as simple as putting on a nurse’s outfit or as elaborate as constructing an entire medical play scene. Roleplay is unique in that it's all about mental stimulation (and it's a fabulous excuse to dress up.)
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It's not as shocking as you think. Electrostimulation (also known as e-stim) involves using the power of electricity—i.e., getting an electric shock—for kinky, sexy fun. Though electrosex is most commonly used in BDSM circles, electrosex toys are pleasurable, stimulating, and can be suitable for a variety of experience levels.

Clearly, it's important to play safe when playing with electricity! That said, an e-stim unit – even at its highest setting – isn’t going to actually electrocute you, but it could give you one hell of a zap.
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Mystified by the Lovecraftian rise of TENTACLE porn? As they say, one man's nightmare is another man's Hentai. Cephalopods might not be on everyone's sexual menu, but for some, it's a literal delicacy! This fantasy-based fetish involves a sexual interest in tentacles and the creatures that have them.

We suspect much of the desire for tentacle porn is that it’s often non-consensual (at least in the fantasy realm.) Apparently, the idea of being held down and penetrated by a mystical creature gets some folks KRAKEN.
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We can all agree that the world is full of douchebags, but when it comes to an enema fetish - it's a positive thing. "Klismaphilia" refers to getting pleasure from receiving an enema. You might think this kink sounds like a real pain in the ass but for some - it's a real fountain of joy.

The anus is an erogenous zone, after all, which helps explain why kinksters have been using enemas for eons. It just FEELS good. And, this kink can also be quite practical—it’s a way to clean and prep the poop shoot for anal sex.
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We're not talking about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In fact, we're referring to its kinky cousin, CBT. One of the most common fetishes discussed on FetLife, CBT is an acronym for cock and ball torture. As you might expect, CBT involves inflicting pain or pressure on a man’s penis or testicles.

Why? Well, just like some folks enjoy the sensation of their bottoms being spanked with a paddle, some also enjoy having their frank and beans used and abused. Male Chastity, Urethral Play (Sounding), Ruined Orgasms, and - shudder - BALL CRUSHING also falls under the CBT umbrella.
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A pee fetish isn’t something one does half-heartedly. Either urine or you’re out. (RIMSHOT!) Statistics show that the popularity of piss-play exploded in 2017 after it was "leaked" that one particular President enjoyed watersports. Folks with urolagnia derive sexual pleasure from the sight, thought, or even the mellow yellow taste.

They might enjoy watching their partner pee or get off when their partner pees on them. If you happen to enjoy Golden Showers, indulging in this fetish doesn't involve expensive equipment - just plenty of iced tea and a willing bladder.
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Like the RUFF stuff? In the BDSM world of kinky pet play, there are Ponies, Kittens, and Pups - but STILL no Duck-Billed Platypus! What gives? Puppy play - aka pup play - is a form of consensual, adult role-play where people dress up and embody the characteristics of a man's best friend, i.e, sniffing, barking, and HUMPING.

Often, these so-called "pups" wear a leather dog mask and a tail, usually in the form of a butt plug. While this type of kink is primarily popular with Gay Men, it's gaining traction with hetero kinksters who want to get their "woof" on. Good boy!
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Ladies and Gentlemen, BONDAGE has officially entered the chat. This sex practice involves one or both partners being restrained by ropes, cuffs, bondage tape, or other types of restraints. You know - the type of thing your Aunt reads about in "50 Shades Of Grey."

A common sex act that falls within the BDSM umbrella, bondage is basically the pumpkin spice of the fetish world. In fact, over 36 percent of adults in the U.S use masks, blindfolds, and bondage tools during sex. It's not for everybody, but when performed correctly it can be a - cough - bonding experience.
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