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Heavy Cone Magnetic Ball Stretcher

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Get The Drop.

Looking for an advanced scrote choke? Plesur's Heavy Cone Magnetic Ball Stretcher will put your sub's balls in a literal vise made of beautiful stainless steel! Designed to make your stretching program as blissful or brutal as you want it to be, this stretcher isn't just functional - it also looks and feels AMAZING. 

The polished beveled edges help prevent pinching while the extended cone shape gives extra projection. And, unlike traditional metal rings, this magnetic design makes it simple and convenient to use by ball-stretching newbies and pros alike. Let it build up intense anticipation and grant a much longer-lasting and incredibly powerful orgasm during play!

Heavy Cone Magnetic Ball Stretcher Key Features:

  • Designed to pull down on your sack with 9 ounces of weight, this metal ball stretcher is crafted for BDSM enthusiasts with a penchant for testicular play. 
  • Wearing a stretcher imitates that tightening sensation felt just before climax. Your playmate will love the feeling of a stretched-out sack banging against them during sex. 
  • Stainless steel with an easy on easy off magnetic closure.

Why wear a Ball Stretcher? Quite simply, the tug is a turn-on! Ball Stretching is one of the more fun activities that exist under the CBT (cock and ball torture) umbrella, although this is a bit of a misnomer since it's less about the torture and more about the sensation. Ball Stretchers can feel very pleasurable by preventing the testicles from moving up during orgasm, prolonging and intensifying your climax. Weighted Ball Stretchers can also be used to elongate the scrotum by men who appreciate the aesthetics of low-hanging balls. 

Keeping Your Sack Intact: Let's not traumatize your precious family jewels. Stay safe by taking your ball stretching slowly! Never force your balls through a stretcher, never over-stretch to the point of cutting off circulation, and NEVER fall asleep in your cock ring or ball stretcher. If your ring gets stuck, lubricant is your friend. 

Plesur is a leader in modestly-priced leather accessories, kink wear, and bondage gear that delivers on the promise of helping you create a lifetime of incredible sexual experiences. Designed for functionality at a fair price, this selection of outstanding fetish gear offers an affordable take on the BDSM lifestyle.

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