Do Nipple Orgasms Exist?

nipple orgasms

The Nipples, when played with, can set off fireworks throughout your body and even induce labor. But can they help you reach the big O?

You might enjoy nipple stimulation – even love it – but does the very idea of climaxing without genital stimulation sound like an urban legend? This might perk up your curiosity: According to a famous study by Dr. Herbert Otto, 29% of his female 219 test subjects had experienced nipple orgasms at one time or another.

While the exact mechanism for the “boobgasm” can’t be explained, it’s believed that the release of oxytocin may play a role. Studies have shown that nipple play promotes the production of this “love and affection” hormone that plays a vital role in sex and orgasm for both men and women. Oxytocin is also what causes nipples to become erect during arousal.

In plain English, those delicious “electric currents” of sensation you feel from flicking, fondling, sucking and nibbling can spread to the belly and clitoris and vagina (or prostate), creating enough arousal to eventually lead to orgasm.

Still think the idea of nipple orgasms are just “all in our heads?” You could be right. According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine (Volume 8), research has shown that stimulation of the nipples activates the genital sensory cortex in the brain.

This is the same brain region activated by stimulation of the clitoris, vagina and cervix. That means is that women's brains seem to process nipple and genital stimulation in the same way. In light of this, it is not at all surprising that many women are aroused by having their nipples touched and that, for some, this may be enough to lead to orgasm.

This particular study only targeted female participants - but don’t get it twisted! Nipple play isn’t just for the ladies, and there’s growing evidence that the nipples aren’t just useless vestigial body parts of the male anatomy.

Many men report that they enjoy nipple play, and in some rare instances, even have the ability to ejaculate with this type of stimulation on its own. One University of Texas medical study has revealed that nipple manipulation “causes or enhances sexual arousal” in approximately 52% of young men.

Still not sold on the concept? Try performing your own in-depth, non-scientific assessment with your partner and see what nipple play really has to offer. Lucky for you, there’s a multitude of ways to enjoy it!

Getting Started:

When it comes to breast play, try using a little tender teasing before building up the intensity. They aren’t radio knobs, so no grabbing or twisting! Use your fingertips to trace soft, slow circles around the areola before you gently graze them across the tips of the nipples. Make your partner wait- and want it.

Watch and Learn:

Do their nipples they stiffen and harden at your touch? You’re on the right track! If they don’t, just remember that not every set of nipples is the same and that what worked with your last partner may not work with this one. Communicate! Asking questions like “does this feel good?” is always a good idea.

More than a mouthful:

If your “bosom buddy” is into it, they might be ready for a little tongue teasing. Try licking and breathing a little warm air over the nipples. There’s nothing like change of temperature to send shivers up the spine. Taking it further, a small ice cube or a little warm tea in the mouth can create amazing sensations.

Breast Case Scenarios:

At this point you might notice a change in the color of the nipples. That’s because increased blood flow causes nipples to take on a deeper, rosier hue when aroused. And here’s a “swell” deal, this same blood flow can also cause breasts to grow up to 25%! (But don’t get your hopes up – the effect is only temporary.)

Techniques to titillate:

If you’re ready to take things further, try using a combination of nibbles, licks and firm tongue strokes to rev up the intensity. Some people enjoy gentle tugging on the nipples to stronger pinching. Others enjoy strong, continuous suction.

Tools of Seduction:

If your partner does enjoy the rough stuff, invest in a set of adjustable nipple clamps. Easy to use alone or with a partner, nipple clamps help enhance masturbation, foreplay and partner sex by applying direct, continuous pressure to erect nipples. There’s also nipple suction devices designed to temporarily increase nipple size and firmness, as well as sensitivity.

The Big O:

Warning: Though your “breast intentions” may result in increased pulse rate, moaning, and heavy breathing, that coveted nipple orgasm may never happen. Just don’t let that dissuade you from creating one intensely erotic (and satisfying) experience!

If the climax is your goal, enjoy the experience of giving your partner pleasure, and let your nipple play lead naturally to other sexual techniques that will bring them to the finish line.

nipple stimulation

"Why do men have nipples? Because God is a woman and she really wants us to enjoy ourselves, that's why.”

- Cameron dean

Oct 20th 2022 C. Ressi

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