Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

Climate change keeping you up at night and interfering with a stellar performance in the bedroom? Not anymore. Tabutoys’ selection of high-quality, eco-friendly vibrators and other earth-friendly sex toys will allow you to breathe easy knowing you’re doing your part in the sheets to reduce your carbon footprint. Seriously, what’s sexier than saving the planet?

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Tabutoys offers eco-friendly vibrators and other biodegradable sex toys that will prevent your sex toy from winding up in a landfill, as is the fate of so many other adult toys. Part of our job at Tabutoys is to do our research. And sadly, the findings are pretty bleak in the environmental realm. Many companies manufacture adult toys with phthalates that can end up in the environment, not to mention they can be harmful to you! 

Tabutoys would like to offer you a sexier solution with our eco-friendly vibrator and other earth-friendly adult toys. Fuck yourself and not the planet with any of the products in our earth-friendly sex toys category. Feast your eyes on responsible sex play that benefits everyone. We make ‘making the switch’ easy with our wide variety of high-quality, eco-friendly toys for you and your partner/s to choose from.

Let’s aim to heat up our sex lives, not the atmosphere. Check out Tabutoys’ range of eco-friendly vibrators and other toys that will make you feel pleasure for many different reasons.

Tabutoys offers fast and discreet shipping on all orders. You can rest easy knowing your order will arrive in an ordinary package with no nods to the fact that you’re about to get it on as soon as you rip through the packaging.