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Tabutoys is way more than just a store that sells you mind-blowing solutions to better sex. We want to offer you legit information on how to get the most out of your sex toys. Introducing… Sex Toys 101 by Tabutoys.

Here you will find a sex toy tutorial that will hopefully make you feel less intimidated when you take these huge steps to bettering your bedroom life. Our friendly team here at Tabutoys wants to, yes, make sure you climax, but also provide you with tips, tricks, and information concerning your sex life and how to find and use the toys best suited to your specific orgasm.

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Sex Toys 101 will offer you and your partner/s adult toy tips and guides that are designed to help your sex play go more smoothly. This means more enjoyable and achievable orgasms, and not feeling confused when browsing our site. Our site is a safe space for you to explore and learn.

“The sexual embrace can only be compared with music and with prayer. ”

- Marcus Aurelius

Tabutoys Sex Toys 101 presents you with endless opportunities to explore freely just exactly what’s right for you and your partner/s. We never want you to feel shy about asking us questions. This is literally our job. We aim to help our customers achieve sexual freedom and individuality by way of great, solid information and amazing products.

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We don’t care what gender or sexual orientation you subscribe to. You are welcome here. Please feel free to reach out to our staff if any questions should arise. We’re always happy to help further your sex play game in any way we can (within legal reason, at least).

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to browse our incredible assortment of body safe sex toys to make your climax out of this world.