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Latex condoms have been making sex safer since 1932. There's no need to reinvent the wheel, but isn't it about time somebody revisited how they actually fit? Well, that somebody is Lovense and their new RealSize Condoms are about to revolutionize the way you think about protection!

Almost all condom brands are designed to meet an average size but Lovense knows that not ALL men are average. That's why RealSize Condoms are designed to accommodate the entire spectrum of penis sizes - so they'll feel like they were tailor-made just for you! So why are correctly-sized condoms so important? Simple! For the same reason don't they make one-size-fits all shoes: Condoms that are too tight or too loose are no fun to wear. 

And, studies show that men who experience problems with the fit and feel of condoms are also among those who reported the highest rates of condoms breakage and slipping. Like a great-fitting pair of jeans, you can slip on RealSize Condom and forget you're wearing anything at all while enjoying all the protection of an electronically-tested, premium latex condom

The long and short of it: Whether you identify as small, huge, or absolutely average, you'll always find the perfect fit! Box contains 12 lubricated condoms.

Lovense RealSize Condoms Key Features:

  • Condoms shouldn't be one-size-fits-all. That's why RealSize offers 6 different options for you to find your perfect fit.
  • Made from premium quality natural latex, each RealSize condom is individually electronically tested. 
  • Contains Specially sourced silicone-based lubricant for longer lasting comfort.
  • 52 mm - 2.04 inches (Length: 180 mm - 7.09 inches)
  • 54 mm - 2.13 inches (Length: 180 mm - 7.09 inches)
  • 56 mm - 2.20 inches (Length: 190 mm - 7.48 inches)
  • 60 mm - 2.36 inches (Length: 190 mm - 7.48 inches)

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    Posted by Tarkhan on Aug 4th 2022

    A lot of condoms are too big for me so I had to give these a shot. I bought 2 different sizes just in case and was pretty sure I'd wear the 49mm. In fact, they run a little to the smallish size and the 51mm fit perfectly with no rolling. They are also strong but very thin. Glad they are finally making a product for guys like me. Highly recommend!!!

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