G-Spot Vibrators

Just like the name implies, a G-spot vibrator is made to hit your G-spot, that mystical — not mythical — area of pleasure that can trigger a powerful orgasm. You can’t always pinpoint the location of the G-spot beyond a general idea because it’s actually part of the clitoris. Using a curved vibrator can definitely help you find it, though. That alone is reason enough to treat yourself. Besides, G-spot sex toys are endlessly versatile. Let us share a few tips that might change your life.

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Choosing a Vibe

A G-spot vibrator can be nearly any size, although it doesn’t have to be girthy. A certain length is best, though, since it’s believed that, in many cases, the G-spot is along the top of the vagina, not more than a few inches inside. It all depends on your personal anatomy and the configuration of your clitoris. You can try to find yours by inserting one or two fingers into your vagina, palm up, and crooking them in a “come-hither” motion.

Fortunately, experimenting is half the fun. You might respond to something slim with a curve at the end that’s perfectly designed to help you discover your G-spot. However, you might prefer a shorter, thicker vibrator that can provide some penetration power, as well.

Ultimate Versatility

Not everyone who experiments with a G-spot stimulator will experience a mind-blowing orgasm, or at least not right away, but that’s okay, too. Curved vibrators can be used for both penetration and clitoral stimulation. In fact, Tabutoys offers G-spot vibes that have clit stimulating features and attachments, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds all at once.

You won’t unearth your G-spot until you try. Boost your climaxes with a G-spot vibrator from Tabutoys.