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Are you looking for a new, passion-filled adventure this Valentine's Day? Follow these Valentine's Day sex tips to create a romantic atmosphere and knock the socks (and underwear) off your lover like tomorrow doesn't exist. 

Set the mood, get your favorite couple’s sex toys ready, and let the fun begin. Start by thinking outside the box, and skip the bouquet of roses. Instead, give your lover the gift of rolling orgasms with a flower sex toy. Of course, chocolate always has a place in the bedroom. 

This year, stimulate your partner’s senses with sexy Valentine’s Day gifts, music, and candles. 

Three Valentine's Day Sex Tips to Entice the Senses

1. Set the Mood

When it comes to setting the mood for a romantic evening in the bedroom, there are several things to consider. First, make sure your lighting is toned down but bright enough to enjoy the view of your lover slipping out of that sexy lingerie. Put a small lamp with a warm-toned bulb in the corner of the room and turn the rest of the light off. 

Will this Valentine’s Day be about slow and intimate lovemaking or hot and messy sex? Lay out a variety of erotic sex toys so your special someone can see exactly what the night has in store. Now is the time to surprise them with unique flower sex toys, massage wands, and dice. 

Add sensual aromas, such as rose or vanilla, to the room with candles or even some scented massage oils

2. Get the Toys Ready

person in black stockings with flower between their legs

Making magic happen is what Valentine's Day is all about. Begin using your senses of touch and taste to experiment and ride through the hills and valleys of your partner’s body. You’ll have your sweetheart singing, “More whipped cream, chocolate, and that special cherry on top, please,” before your night is over!

Keep with the theme by using flower sex toys on one another. From teasey nipple flowers that peek through sheer garments to floral-shaped nipple suctions, it won’t be long before you’re both lost in the pleasure. Take it a step further with rose anal plugs and blossoming clit toys.

3. Play Some Music

Of course, the best music of the night will be played fabulously by your partner's vocal cords as the orgasms and thumping play out. However, behind those erotic noises, a favorite song or playlist can take things to the next level. Opt for something calm and romantic or fast and heavy, depending on the mood. Either way, the sounds of passion and subtle vibrations of instruments will make for an orgasmic night. 

Heat Up the Night with Gifts From Tabutoys

Tabutoys has so much more than just Valentine's Day sex tips that will make your night special. Prepare for the holiday by browsing our collection of flower sex toys, lubes, lingerie, and more!

We offer confidential and discreet shipping, so your partner won't know what's coming before it's time to get the rise. If you have questions, we have specialists here to help anytime.

This Valentine's Day, bring your lover to full bloom like never before.

Feb 10th 2022

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