New Year's Eve Sex Positions You Should Try

New Year's Eve Sex Positions You Should Try

Many people around the world celebrate New Year’s Eve. If your special way of celebrating the New Year is erotic fun and frolic, then the lively sex imps at Tabutoys have some saucy ideas for you!

Switch up your signature moves with these best New Year’s Eve sex positions. You must try at least one of them! If you’re planning a night of hot and nasty celebratory sex for new year’s eve, you’ll need a new trick or two. Get ready to take notes because here comes Tabutoys’ selection of must-try sex positions to ring in the New Year!

The Happy Crab

Throw this New Year’s Eve sex position into the mix near the beginning, as you’ll both need some tricep strength. Facing each other, the receiver’s legs are open on either side of the giver’s with pelvises aligned as you both hover. The rest is nice and simple, with penetration made easy by the crab position. Only your tricep strength will hold you back with this one, so do those kickbacks!+

Lap Dance

Any pair of sex-loving imps can try this one to add texture and fantasy to celebratory sex. With one partner seated in a chair, the other sits down over their hips. This can be achieved by facing the seated partner, turning to one side or the other, facing away from the partner, with legs open or closed.

Better yet, combine several different positions for variety. The seated partner may also wear a strap-on. Experiment with different chairs, positions, and props to invent your own variations on the lap dance. Maybe make it a role-playing game about a lap dance that’s gone over to the raunchy side!

Reverse Missionary

It may sound too boring for New Year’s Eve sex, but we can assure you it’s anything but! The receiver lies on their back, as with the missionary. The twist is that the giver is upside down, with their head over the receiver’s feet. This variation puts the receiver in charge of insertion, thrusting speed and depth ⏤ a complete reversal of the traditional position. The Reverse Missionary can get downright Biblical, though, with the addition of the right sex toy.

Celestial Scissors

This versatile New Year’s Eve sex position works for every possible pairing. The glory of it is that it can be achieved by combining practices like frottage, penetration, and mutual masturbation.

With one partner sitting in front of the other, both have one leg bent and the other straight. The partner in front works with the partner behind them to achieve the desired effect by repositioning the pelvis. Pelvic positioning depends on the naughty course of action the scissoring pair takes ⏤ rubbing, screwing, manually pleasuring, or enhancing the fun with a vibrator.

Kitty CAT

A young couple making love

The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) may sound too clinical for a blog post about celebratory sex. But don’t let the name fool you. The CAT is all about the clitoris and ensuring its orgasmic inclusion in the festivities.

Again, the missionary position is modified by placing the giver’s legs outside the receiver’s, altering the position of the clitoris in relation to the penis. Use plenty of lube and remember that Mr. Penis, while not completely inserted, is still being stimulated and having fun aplenty. And with the addition of a butt plug, it’s even better!


Grab the lube! The XXX New Year’s Eve sex position demands it, especially if you enjoy an all-night session of erotic play. The giver lies on the bed, face up. The receiver positions themself on top of the giver, aligning hips face to face. They then place their legs over the giver’s upper body, feet first, crossing their legs at the knees, with their feet on either side of the giver’s head.

As you can imagine, the legs squeezed together this way make for a tight fit, so you’ll need to lube up and get ready for a ride you won’t forget. This orgasmically-oriented sex position has many applications, including strap-on fun!

Switch Hit

Switch-hitting is tailor-made for sex on New Year’s Eve. The top becomes the bottom, and the bottom becomes the top. Bend yourself a little for the one you love and experience something entirely new! Trade genders for the night.

Trade your boxers in for some sheer, frilly lingerie, or your lingerie for a pair of boxers. Wear a handlebar mustache and a strap-on as you delve deeply into your new role and your lover. Take a walk on the wild side and blow each other’s minds!

Swing Into the New Year

If you’ve been contemplating the benefits of a sex swing, what better way to indulge in celebratory sex than swinging into the New Year? Sex swings can be elaborate or simple, but they all lightly restrain one partner while the other teases, pleases, plays, and layers sensations. Use your sex swing with a ball gag, a crop, a feather tickler, or whatever paraphernalia you please. The scene is yours to write with this style of sex play, so write it nice and naughty!

Standing Ball Drop

A young couple making love standing up

You’ll need to take a break eventually, but why not keep the fun going as you watch the ball drop in Times Square, counting down with the world? New Year’s Eve sex wouldn’t be the same without the ball drop! And who says you can’t count down with the ball and get your freak on while you’re doing it?

Heck! Crack a bottle of champagne and multitask the moment right! As you watch, champagne in hand (among other things), you can congratulate yourself on ingeniously screwing your way ⏤ standing up ⏤ into the dawning year.

Have Festive Sex on New Year’s Eve

So, skip the fireworks this year and make your own. With these New Year’s Eve sex positions, you’ll have plenty of inspiration to create an explosive display for two. And you’ll be even more inspired when you browse our collections of body-safe, superior-quality sex toys, accessories, and so much more. From BDSM to cheeky, sexy costumes, Tabutoys has something for everyone. Got questions? Drop a note to one of our resident sexperts!

Dec 20th 2022 C. Ressi

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