What Is Sex Tech & Does It Belong In Your Bedroom?

Couple intimately hanging out in bed.

The short answer is a resounding, ‘yes’. You might be very happy to know that each year, the sex toy industry invests millions of dollars into finding new and exciting ways to enhance pleasure for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or preferences. And I don’t know about you, but we’re definitely here for it.

What exactly is sex tech?

Sex tech, like any technology, is funds and research that go into exploring and developing a particular area further — in this instance, we’re talking about all things sex. In layperson’s terms, this means better sex toys for you to indulge in. And we all know this translates to better orgasms. Basically, you want smart people putting their time and energy into developing brilliant toys that will make your sexual experience that much more delicious. So, yes, sex tech is for you because it’s for everyone.

Couple laying in bed together

Why are we ignoring sex tech?

Probably for the same reasons people feel uncomfortable talking about sex in general. Humans love sex. It’s natural. Human evolution depends on our love of sex. It requires it. Unfortunately, we are hindered by societal norms put in place over hundreds of years by, well, laced-up puritans, who felt it necessary to control every aspect of people’s lives — women in particular — down to their most personal business in the bedroom. Because of this, we’ve been long saturated in this ridiculous, (and frankly, dangerous) idea that sex is dirty and wrong, when in fact it should be celebrated and explored.

Sex tech works to ensure that human sexuality doesn’t fall by the wayside. Instead, innovative ways to improve and intensify your climax are being thought up and invested in every day. Cheers to the people who understand the importance of actively enhancing our sex lives by way of careful and dedicated research. Sex tech is so on the rise that we hardly know what to expect in a year — let alone a decade! Rest assured, things are only going to go up from here, and bottom line, sex tech absolutely has a place in your bedroom.

Apr 13th 2021

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